• Dr. Patricia Marino is a very thorough, precise, and excellence oriented educator. She exudes excellence in everything she does. Patricia is a superb orator and deep thinker. I cannot think of a better person to help bring out the best in people.

    Sandra C. Fink ThinkFink Solutions
  • Dr. Marino is a very talented and creative writer! She has published a book of poetry which is thought-provoking and exciting to read! She is a person who likes to do things well and for others to achieve their goals! She’s an encourager, a thinker, a problem-solver and a wonderful person!

    Dr. Cynthia L. McGill Second-Time Author “Sex and Marriage: Myths Uncovered”
  • That you clearly examine the fit between culture, curriculum and coaching is a tribute to your professionalism, and, your sense of caring. This places you in a cadre rather than a legion, or worse, a herd. School systems as well as teacher preparation programs and certification agencies, need to pay attention. Many, if not most, need PathMark Innovations.

    David A. Anderson, Ph.D. Visiting Community Scholar, College of Arts & Sciences, and School of Education
  • Dr. Marino has gained the trust and admiration of the patient support group she leads. Her expertise as a facilitator and her compassion as a person both contribute to her effectiveness. Her leadership ensures that attendance is high and there are many participants who never miss a meeting. I am very appreciative of her skill and commitment to this effort.

    Dr. Steven Feldon Chair, Department of Ophthalmology University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry Director, David & Ilene Flaum Eye Institute
  • Dr. Marino provided us with excellent guidance on the development of a mentoring and tutoring program for underserved youth in the Metro Atlanta Area. She has a wealth of knowledge on educational as well as mentoring coaching philosophies. Our program has been an astounding success in great part due to the expertise of Dr. Marino.

    Derrick Harris Human Resource Specialist at US GOVT
  • It has been a pleasure to work with Dr Patricia Marino. She is one of my colleagues at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and a very professional educationalist and leadership coach. Sunny Stout-Rostron (DProf, Institute of Coaching at Harvard, Sunny Stout-Rostron Associates CC South Africa).

    Sunny Stout-Rostron Director, Sunny Stout-Rostron Associates


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  • Inspiring poetry and storytelling
  • Coaching for individual leaders/executives
  • Equipping for critical reflection
  • Facilitating change leadership
  • Mentoring for developing speakers and writers