Coaching Platform

I understand the purpose of coaching to be positive, ongoing support that aids individuals, teams, and organizations in the quest to achieve their goals.

Embracing my core values – wisdom, spirituality, integrity, compassion, and excellence

I easily identify with the principles of transformational coaching. Indeed, my presence and passion flow from these fountains.

For me, listening, empathy, inquiry, and exploration are important elements for enhancing the professional development of others. Be it among the leaders of organizations, small business enterprises, in schools, and/or none-profits, appropriately engaged, my coaching / consultancy / communications stand to benefit both relationships and learning in today’s challenging VUCA contexts.

I enjoy supporting clients across a spectrum of unique journeys into their success via stronger professional capacities. This is my coaching platform.


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  • Inspiring poetry and storytelling
  • Coaching for individual leaders/executives
  • Equipping for critical reflection
  • Facilitating change leadership
  • Mentoring for developing speakers and writers