Executive Summary

PathMark Innovations LLC is a communications, coaching, and equipping consultancy, specializing in a) motivational speaking and real-life storytelling, b) instructional, leadership, and life coaching, and c) small group mentoring and facilitation. We offer competitive pricing for our deep well of expertise, effectively complemented by a wealth of veteran experience.

Today, with more than 20 years in professional development, curriculum / assessment, instructional coaching, and arts engagement, we have accrued proficiency in classroom pedagogy, delivering training for classroom teachers, and mentoring developing speaker-leaders. Call us today at 585.348.8196 to see if we may be of service to you, your learning organization, or professional entity.


  1. Inspiring and motivating with real life stories.
  2. Raising awareness of potential for real change.
  3. Providing protocols for safe reflection.
  4. Targeting “elephant in the living room” assumptions conflicting with missions, values, and goals.
  5. Improving climate for collaboration and accountability.
  6. Coaching to identify the locus of personal and/or professional self-sabotage.


If you, your team, or your organization is interested in exploring further the deliverables of PathMark Innovations, call 585-348-8196 or email patricia@pathmarkinnovations.com.

  • Inspiring poetry and storytelling
  • Coaching for individual leaders/executives
  • Equipping for critical reflection
  • Facilitating change leadership
  • Mentoring for developing speakers and writers